How to hit jackpot in the online casino Casino7

There are 3 types of progressive jackpots in our online casino:

  • Atlanta Jackpot - not a huge one, but this jackpot appears very often, a jackpot that is easy to win! Its win will allow to treat friends in a bar or invite your girlfriend to go to a restaurant.
  • Macau Jackpot - the average jackpot, appears also averagely 😉, but its win will allow you to buy a good phone so that it will be available to play slots on your mobile.
  • Vegas Jackpot - the largest jackpot in the casino, appears rarely, but its winnings will be able to provide a holiday in Turkey or Egypt!

Jackpot draw rules

Jackpot is a prize pool that accumulates at the expense of a percentage from each spin. Our jackpots accumulate absolutely from all slots. Jackpot can be hit only at a winning bet. By the way, we don't know when and whom the jackpot will fall to, but we can write the ranges of the corridor within which it can appear:

  • Atlanta Jackpot - from 80 USD to 95 USD or the equivalent in the player's currency;
  • Macau Jackpot - from 175 USD to 215 USD or the equivalent in the player's currency;
  • Vegas Jackpot - from 470 USD to 590 USD or the equivalent in the player's currency;

But to win each jackpot it's necessary to follow certain rules that were invented in order to honestly distribute jackpots between different categories of players. You must admit that High Rollers are hurt if the jackpot goes to an entry-level user who plays just 1 kopeck each.So, how to win jackpot:

  • Atlanta Jackpot: appears on winnings of more than 2 cents (this is about 1 ruble and 30 kopecks), even playing at the minimum rate, you can win the jackpot
  • Macau Jackpot: appears on winnings of more than 10 cents (6 and a half rubles)
  • Vegas Jackpot: only for winnings over 1 USD, so if you want to warm yourself at the sea, then you need to increase rates!

Good luck in getting the biggest jackpot! And don't forget that seeking the biggest prize you can accidentally win the most frequent jackpot - it may be a trifle, but still a nice win.